As a market leader in pre-coated paper (finished foils), Toppan Interamerica has been providing in-house hot melt glue services since 2011. Our technical team will provide high quality and cost effective adhesive systems for your company to choose from.

Hot melt

By providing woodgrain, solid color, abstract designs and pre-applied adhesives, our customers can now fulfill all their needs at the same facility. Take advantage of our “one-stop-shop” for printing expertise and adhesive technology. We have thousands of current designs you can choose from and our design team continues to create new designs every year.

Combine all of this with unsurpassed customer service, quality control and technical support. We believe Toppan is an industry leader in hot melt glue services.


The decorative products we produce generate the look and feel of wood, stone, textiles, and other natural materials. Our design team travels all over the world for inspiration and this allows our designs to draw from global influences. Not only do we have existing designs to choose from our talented team can also develop a design from scratch for your project.

Nickie Fukuyama

Hotmelt Services