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Toppan papers help create much of the home décor products you see on the market today including wall panels and moldings. Our light weight basis papers and films can be engineered to be flexible, which allows them to conform to various shapes and sizes during the manufacturing process. This is particularly useful in the molding industry, where moldings are often required to have intricate shapes and designs. Another benefit is, light weight basis papers and films are available in a range of different designs, allowing manufacturers to choose a unique trend setting design for their wall panel applications.

Using either our light weight basis papers or films our designs will allow you to create custom and unique home décor that your customers will want as an addition to their home!


• Wall Panels
• Molding


• Pre-Coated Paper
• 2D & 3D Film

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We have developed a large catalog of designs over the years, check out our design library to see  some of our recent design developments.