3D Laminates

Created by one of the world’s largest printing
companies, Toppan Interamerica Inc. offers you
3dLUXE™. This stylish line of 3d laminates
combines cutting-edge design and award-
winning finishes to give you unmatched
durability and performance.

Design & Color

Work with our Custom Laminate Design Team to create your own distinctive designs and color palettes. Our thermally-fused and high-pressure laminates will add uniqueness to any product line. Explore the Digital Library!

Durability & Elasticity

3dLUXE’s anti-fingerprint and scratch-resistant technology maintains a more visually appealing product. Our laminate’s increased durability does not require a masking or peel coat, which can possibly lead to a reduced scrap rate for our customers. The thermoformability of this film allows you to produce seamless edges using 3d membrane pressing, therefore eliminating the need for edge banding.

Markets & Applications

• Manufactured Homes
• Retail
• Healthcare
• Commercial Office

• Residential
• Horizontal Surfaces
• Kitchen
• Cabinetry

• Store Fixtures
• Furniture
• Bathroom

Explore Our Design Library

We have developed a large catalog of designs over the years, check out our design library to see  some of our recent design developments.